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When you call  Middle
Country Auto Wreckers
Inc. for a used
aftermarket part
, you can
be confident in receiving
quality.  We pay top dollar
at auctions to guarantee
you the lowest mileage,
cleanest parts cars
available. We will inform
you of the quality of the
particular part, whether
we've tested it, and the
odometer reading of the
car from which we pulled
the part from.
Illustrated here are
a few examples of what is
available to you. If you do
not see it here that does
not mean we don't have it.
We have a rule of thumb, If
the part was made and it is
available anywhere we will
hunt it down for you and
satisfy your needs.
Whether you
r preference is
an ashtray,set of floor mats
or a seatbelt for your car or
truck or purchasing a
whole vehicle to fix or
rebuild, WE CAN DO IT !!!!